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Pay by Phone Casino Online in 2022

Pay By Phone 101

As casinos are becoming more and more accessible on mobile, it's no wonder people are starting to top up their casino accounts through their actual phone bill. With many of the best online casinos adopting Pay by Phone options, you can still play all your favourite casino games, but now with added convenience and security.

Learn more about this innovative payment method and why it could be the ideal way for you to gamble online.

  • How to setup Pay by Phone
  • Which online casinos accepting pay by phone are best
  • Advantages and disadvantages of pay by phone casino gambling

A Rubric for Quality

Even though pay by phone payments are super secure, you'll still want to ensure that you only play at the best online casino. That's why our site is so popular with gamblers. Our team of experts make sure to provide detailed reviews of each site so that you know what to expect and why we recommend them.

Each review is based on a range of elements, including:

  • Licensing: The first thing to check at any online casino, all sites in the UK must be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. If not, it's not a reputable casino online.
  • Security: Also vital is the encryption technology. Casinos need to use the latest SSL encryption to keep your data safe online.
  • Compatibility: With so many punters looking to gamble using a mobile device, casinos need to work well on computers, smartphones and tablets.
  • Deposits: No matter which banking option you choose, you don’t want to wait to get started when you’re visiting an online casino. That's why sites should offer instant deposit options with a variety of popular banking methods.
  • Payouts: Similarly, you shouldn't have to wait for your money after you win big. That's why we assess how long it takes to get your payouts at top sites, only recommending those with fast withdrawal options.
  • Games: A core of any casino will be the actual games you want to play. From table games to slots and live dealer games, the best sites have a wide range of games to choose from.
  • Customer Service: Even the best casino online can leave players with lingering questions or concerns, which is why a responsive and helpful customer support team is vital.

Pay by Phone 101

More and more people use their mobile devices for pretty much everything. As a result, businesses online and offline have started to make use of more convenient payment methods directly from smartphones or tablets. Pay by Phone is a catch all term for phone payments that use your existing mobile credit, with Payforit among the most popular in the UK.

When you pay by phone bill, casino operators are able to use your prepaid mobile credits or add the charge to your monthly mobile phone bill. This makes it easy to buy online digital content and services, ranging from games and apps to competitions or donations, as well as online casino gambling.

When you pay with mobile credit, you're able to keep your banking details secure while making purchases or gambling online. The apps are straight forward and easy to use, and you can even use Payforit without an app or download, making it a breeze to simply tap your phone and pay for the purchases or deposit funds into your casino account.

How to Get Started with Pay by Phone

Get Started

When it comes to mobile payments, most platforms are similar to Apple Pay. Here, you add a credit or debit card to an eWallet or app, which is then charged whenever you make payments with your phone. However, pay by phone doesn't only mean that!

You can opt to pay by phone bill, casino operators might even prefer this! It's quick and easy, and doesn't require an app. If you decide to pay by phone from your mobile device, the steps are:

    • Tap on cashier or deposit
    • Select the Pay by Phone or Payforit icon
    • Tap to confirm and enjoy an instant deposit

You can even use Payforit from a computer or tablet. In that case, when you select pay by phone, casino forms will then pop up. Here you'll need to input your mobile phone number after which you will get a text with a code, which you can use to confirm the deposit and start playing.

Introducing Payforit

Payforit is a unique payment platform because you don't need to download an app. Instead, in the same way that you might see a PayPal, Visa or Neteller payment options at checkout, you will see the Payforit logo.

Select it as your payment or deposit method, and you will be able to pay by phone, with your phone bill or mobile credit. You don't need any additional sign up or extras. When you do this from your mobile phone, you will just need to confirm the purchase. You can even do it from a computer, getting a one-time-PIN via SMS to your mobile device.

An added advantage is that Payforit is compatible on any mobile device as long as you have prepaid credit or a monthly phone plan. So, whether you're using an iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire or BlackBerry smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy all the benefits of Payforit.

Every time you make a purchase with Payforit, you'll get an SMS receipt. This gives you your pay by phone receipt and ensures you can quickly and easily notice any strange payments, adding to your security.

Reasons to Choose Pay By Phone

There are numerous advantages to using pay by phone. Casino operators are using it more and more in 2022, so here are some of the reasons why you might want to jump onboard.

  • Security: Because the casino will never get your banking details, and you will never need to input credit or debit card information, you know that your personal details are always secure.
  • Ease: No need to download an app or set up a service, you enjoy pay by phone options easily, with even more convenience.
  • Speed: Deposits made when you pay by phone bill reflect instantly at your casino of choice. No need to wait when you're excited to start playing!

Cashing Out

Cashing Out

When you're ready to cash out your winnings, it's important to realize that casinos can't pay out in mobile credit. They won't be able to top up your account or pay into your phone bill.

As a result, when you're ready to withdraw your winnings, you'll need to use another banking method. However, that doesn't mean switching to credit card or bank transfers, which can be slow and aren't always mobile friendly.

We recommend using an eWallet for instant withdrawals, like PayPal, Skrill or Neteller. These eWallets have excellent pay by phone apps as well, so you can check your balance and even get a notification when the funds land in your account.

A Final Word

Pay by phone options are increasingly popular. Some of them are even becoming trendy, with Venmo becoming a verb as people talk about sending each other money quickly and easily using this pay by phone app. You can try out the best mobile payment methods, at our top-rated online casinos. Visit the best casino online in 2022 and enjoy quick and easy casino gameplay when you pay with mobile credit.

Avoid These Blacklisted Sites

Let's cut right to the chase. These sites are the worst online casinos in 2022 and we urge all players in the UK to avoid them.

Cool Cat Casino

Empty Red Rating Stars
Full Red Rating Stars
  • Very slow payments
  • Unresponsive support
  • Unreliable promotions

Casino Fiz

Empty Red Rating Stars
Full Red Rating Stars
  • Payment Issues
  • Shady practices
  • Unfair promotions

Osiris Casino

Empty Red Rating Stars
Full Red Rating Stars
  • Not delivering on promos
  • Poor business practices
  • Slow communication

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pay by Phone safer than other conventional payment methods?

Yes! Payforit and other pay by phone providers are safer because you never need to send or input your personal financial details.

Are there any charges on deposits and withdrawals?

No, your deposits are totally free when you pay by phone. As a result, whatever amount you choose to deposit is what you'll be able to play with.

How long does it take for the deposit to go through?

When you use your phone and pay with mobile credits or your phone bill, the deposits typically reflect instantly, or at most in a matter of minutes.

Can I use a landline instead of a mobile?

Unfortunately not. These pay by phone options are all based on using your prepaid or phone bill credits and use SMS to send the receipts or confirmation PINs.

Which are the best online casinos that offer Pay by Phone?

More and more casinos are starting to offer pay by phone options. We keep our list updated, so you can always find the best online casinos that offer Pay by Phone casino gameplay.