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Avoid Rogue Betting Sites and Blacklisted Casinos in the UK


You can probably guess that some casinos are far better than others, yet you might not realise that a few of the gambling sites out there should be avoided at all costs. Our team of experts have compiled a casino blacklist, which exposes rogue sites.

Not only will you learn which sites to avoid and why, but we’ll make it easy for you to find trusted places to enjoy your favourite games.

Read on to find out:

  • Which sites are the worst online casinos

  • What blacklisted online casinos do wrong

  • How to find the best online casino

Avoid These Blacklisted Sites

Let's cut right to the chase. These sites are the worst online casinos in 2024 and we urge all players in the UK to avoid them.

Cool Cat Casino

Empty Red Rating Stars
Full Red Rating Stars
  • Very slow payments
  • Unresponsive support
  • Unreliable promotions

Casino Fiz

Empty Red Rating Stars
Full Red Rating Stars
  • Payment Issues
  • Shady practices
  • Unfair promotions

Osiris Casino

Empty Red Rating Stars
Full Red Rating Stars
  • Not delivering on promos
  • Poor business practices
  • Slow communication

Why Casinos Get Blacklisted

Just like reputable sites, bad casinos come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, casinos can end up on our blacklist for so many different reasons, some of which are more severe than others.

As you might expect, many of the bad sites have multiple issues. Yet even a single severe infraction should make you consider running for the virtual hills, especially since there are so many great places to play.

These are some of the most common issues with disreputable casinos:

Lack of License or False Credentials

Avoid sites that don't hold a valid license from a recognised gambling agency. Rogue casinos might have expired or forged certifications.

Not Paying Players

Non-payment and even late payments are grounds for inclusion on our blacklist. Even slow payments can be a cause for concern and indicative of larger financial problems.

Poor Management Team

Once a casino appears on blacklists, the management team might change the name of the site or open a new casino. We will assume that the new casino is as bad as the old one.

Unfair Games

Some casinos that appear on our blacklist have been accused of offering games that aren’t fair or failing to have their software tested by a reputable agency.

Unauthorized Software

A few rogue sites have been caught using pirated software. Not only do the developers not get paid for their work, but there’s a good chance the games aren’t fair either.

Misleading Bonus Offers

Bonuses have T&Cs, but casinos should make it easy for players to understand them. Sites that mislead players or fail to honour agreements are included on our blacklist.

Marketing Infractions

Sketchy sites are not only notorious for sending spam, but they also make a habit of selling your personal information to other gambling sites against your will.

Weak Privacy and Security


Sites must respect your privacy and do everything to safeguard your personal and financial data. That means using advanced encryption to process payments and protect your account.

Customer Service

A blacklisted site might give conflicting info from different agents or even stop answering the phone when you want to know where your money is.

What You Should Look for When Choosing an Online Casino

Our casino blacklist tells you which casinos to avoid, but that’s just part of the secret to having a great experience at an online gambling site. What do the best casinos have in common?

The best casino online has:

  • A valid UK Gambling Commission license
  • Certifications from eCOGRA or other testing agencies
  • All your favourite games at your preferred stakes
  • Big bonuses and excellent promotions
  • Apps or instant play games for your device
  • Around the clock customer service

Can Blacklisted Casinos Redeem Themselves?

Although online gambling has been around for over two decades, the industry continues to grow and mature. What was true yesterday could very well be irrelevant tomorrow, which is why we're always updating our reviews and blacklist.

Whether it's an issue about a casino not paying out, or blacklisted online casinos getting new management and turning things around, we stay on top of all of it to keep you in the loop. Blacklisted casinos can become recommended sites, and even great casinos can fall into disrepute.

Conclusion: Getting Familiar With our Blacklist

If you love betting and live in Britain, you’re definitely lucky. Not only does the UK Gambling Commission regulate sites that are located in Britain, but casinos that are based overseas that accept British bettors must also apply for a license. In other words, Brits have plenty of protection when wagering on the internet.

Our blacklist can help you avoid the worst online casinos. There are so many excellent sites vying for UK players, there's no reason for you to play anywhere but at the best online casino. With a team of experts checking casinos on a regular basis, you'll be sure to always know which online gambling sites to avoid and which ones to visit in 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blacklisted Casinos

What is a blacklisted casino?

A blacklisted casino is a gambling site that has exhibited a history of bad behaviour. Given that there are so many excellent internet casinos in Britain, you should always avoid blacklisted casinos.

How does an online casino become blacklisted?

An online casino can be blacklisted for a variety of reasons. Sites can wind up on our list by personally wronging our reviewers or members of the public. If we suspect blatant fraud, we won't hesitate to immediately include a casino on our blacklist. In the case of minor infractions, it can take a couple of incidences for a site to land on our wall of shame.

What kind of actions do blacklisted casinos do?

In the past, blacklisted casinos have hosted unfair games, falsified licenses, utilised pirated software, neglected to protect player privacy, lied to players, spammed users, and failed to pay players, among other infractions. Yet seemingly less significant issues such as slow payments, unresponsive customer service and suspect management teams could also earn a site a spot on our blacklist.

How can I be more careful about blacklisted casinos?

How can I be more careful about blacklisted casinos? We recommend that you refer to our blacklist before signing up at a gambling site. If you're already playing at one of our blacklisted sites, we recommend you try cashing out and take your business elsewhere. Of course, a blacklist is just one of the tools you can use when comparing and choosing casinos. You'll also want to visit our list of recommended gambling sites, which are all licensed, vetted, and trusted.

What are the worst online casinos?

Our list of the worst online casinos changes as sites misbehave, but you can always find it on this page.